Life is so full of change: we grow; we learn; we get jobs; fall in love and out and in again; we build relationships; we learn who we are and sometimes forget. We might have a family, start a business, get married, change jobs, change the way we look and most importantly change the way we think.

All in all, we thrive on and cope really well with change which is great because it’s one of life’s certainties that isn’t about to change. But there are times that change doesn’t feel so good: maybe it brings up fears, questions our self-worth; we might feel vulnerable and sometimes change means losing something we currently have. Maybe we know that we need to change and it’s really scary, so we stay where we are and wind up feeling stuck and frustrated.

When I work with wonderful clients who are dealing with change, the key feelings we work with are fear, stuckness and overwhelm.

To be able to focus all of our attention on building the new we might need to move through some of the resistance that we are feeling first, so check out my flowing with change tapping video (above): it’s really quick and simple and focuses on helping us to move forward with ease.

5 Top Tips For Flowing With Change:

1. Well, of course, there is the At the Heart of Health Flowing with Change tapping video 🙂

2. Allow for more downtime than you might usually do. This might feel counter-intuitive if you have loads on, but you will manage everything a lot better if your stressed-out levels are low.

3. Remind yourself that change doesn’t have to be instantaneous. It’s ok to take your time and when you do, adjusting is so much easier. Change is a natural part of life and growth and new possibilities.

4. Meditate every day. This will give your mind the opportunity to process all that you are experiencing. I can totally recommend a fab mediation for change by Meditation Oasis, it’s called Flowing with Change and reminds us that our emotions are healthy and deserve our attention. It also reminds us that there are things within us that don’t change, like the part that keeps us breathing and makes our hair grow. Check it out at meditation on their fab podcast.

5. Take the time to reconnect with all the beautiful qualities and values that make you uniquely you. Sometimes when we are experiencing change (especially difficult change) we can sometimes feel that we are losing ourselves.

Sometimes change can bring up past patterns and experiences and if you feel that this might be the case for you please reach out and book your complimentary Discovery session by calling or emailing me: there is no need to go it alone 🙂


Louise Alexander Emotional Wellbeing Therapist
At the Heart of Health