Do you love spring and summer? But it doesn’t seem to love you back- do you avoid BBQs, festivals and all things involving the outdoors?

Is this you? Your head is full of fog, your eyes are itchy sore and you spend a lot of time looking like you’ve been crying, you feel like you have flu for 4-6 months of the year, you want to pull your skin off to stop the itching and you barely have the energy to complain about it.

Hay fever doesn’t have to be so debilitating there is lots that you can do and as with most things a holistic approach yields the best results:

  • Take a good probiotic and lots of vitamin C
  • Make an appointment with a reputable homeopath
  • Book your complimentary discovery session with me- research has shown that hypnotherapy can help to regulate your immune system which reduces allergic reactions reduce the stressful impact of hay fever and increases blood floor which decreases congestion and the runny nose effect.

So don’t suffer needlessly this year, get out there and enjoy whatever good weather we are blessed with.
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