So far we’ve covered the basics of tapping. You have more than enough to get started and if you would like a reminder simply check out some earlier blogs. Like any other change we only need to shift by a few degrees to have a really positive impact, so making small changes to your EFT routine can make a huge difference. Once you’ve started and are feeling the results first hand, you can experiment with advanced EFT techniques to help you remove tough emotional blocks. I will let you know in the coming weeks about upcoming Introductions to EFT, that I will be offering over the summer that will teach you some fab new techniques.

Until then let’s chat about gratefulness tapping.

EFT is all about removing the negative and replacing it with the positive. One of the best ways to crank up your positivity and keep it pumping all day long is to be grateful. Gratitude is also a great way to transition, from a lessthat sparkling mood to a high energy vibe, where anything is possible.

Gratefulness tapping works because as you tap and release your body’s energy flow, you imbue it with positive feelings by focusing on things that are going well in your life. You’re saying “thanks.”

To do gratefulness tapping, follow the same routine as you would with your regular tapping. But instead of your set-up and reminder phrase, use a gratitude phrase.

Gratitude phrases usually start with, “I’m grateful for” or “I’m grateful that.”

Here are some examples:

I’m grateful for the food on the table.
I’m grateful that I have a home in which I feel safe and comfortable.
I’m grateful for the support I get from friends and family.
I’m grateful that I am being kinder to myself.
I’m grateful that my relationship with my finances is always improving.
I’m grateful that I’ve managed to save a little money.
I’m grateful for my job/business.
I’m grateful that I am helping others.
I’m grateful for my strength (name one or more strengths)
I’m grateful that I am always learning and growing.
I’m grateful for my physical strength/ health.

And if for any reason you are finding it challenging to focus on gratitude, don’t beat yourself up, just do a few rounds of tapping on whatever isicking you out and refocus on what you are grateful for afterwards.

Give it a try!

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Love Louxx

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Louise Alexander Emotional Wellbeing Therapist
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