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It’s still mid-January, so Happy New Year again! I hope 2017 has been awesome for you so far. And if it hasn’t, then maybe you can cut yourself some slack- you can choose to give yourself a fresh start whenever you want.

It’s true: one of my beautiful clients gives herself a formal fresh start with every new month that comes: she will do a review of gratitude, learnings and successes and then set her new intentions- pretty cool, right?
So if the early part of 2017 hasn’t been great, gift yourself a do-over 😊.

I’ve not set New Year’s resolutions as such this year, because energetically it felt a bit 😝. What I have done is set 3 soul intentions that flowed from my desired soul feelings of love, healing, joy, vibrant, conscious and connected- a massive shout out to Sara SW for giving the gift of Danielle Laport’s Desire Mapping- it’s been a revelation.

My first soul intention is all about me in a holistic sense- physically, mentally and spiritually – and that’s where my intentions around food and movement come into play and I’ve been uber careful with the language I’ve used- when I’m speaking about food I’m writing about what will nourish me and exercise has become about movement, because the word exercise reminds me of PE at school-running around in a vest and shorts, or at my primary school in Barbados worse still: checked pantaloons- there’s a memory to tap on right there, but I digress and so back to the topic of cracking those pesky cravings.

First a confession, I’ve stalled a little on this blog because I wasn’t being congruent- I’ve been doing some fairly deep work on me and the impact of this focus meant that other things went unchecked, like what I was eating- I’ll be honest Christmas eating didn’t really end for me until a week or so ago 😊 and what was really a game changer was that I gave permission to do whatever (food-wise) felt good and, weird as it may be, my choices got better- coincidence – no for many of us including me our relationships with food are at least partially emotional.

And when you think about it, it’s not so surprising: food has been part of our lives since we were conceived;itAnd

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide what craving if any you want to say goodbye to, and then go and buy it- no munching, mind. Now you have the object of your cravings, all you need to do is click this link to my Crack Your Cravings video and have some fun with it.

Sound good? Awesome, so pick one food that you don’t feel you have as healthy a relationship with as you would like. Choose one food only- but know that you can come back to this process time and time again. So first things first: do you have a craving that really doesn’t serve you? And here’s the important bit – is it a craving that you want to be free from?

So we can see how things can get a little complicated and that’s where The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes into its own. When we identify a food that we don’t have as healthy a relationship with as we would like, we can use EFT to not only lessen or rid ourselves of the cravings but also to uncover the deeper need that the food satiates.

connects us to our caregivers, our friends and family; we celebrate with it; food is connected to most if not all of our milestones and holidays- food is a big deal and it ultimately sustains life.ifcravings, or emotional eating is a biggie for you may want some assistance and I’d love to help – why not book your complimentary 40 minute Discovery Session by calling me on 07957416962 or emailing me @

Crack Your Cravings - Alcohol

During this complimentary session we will:
1. -Establish the patterns and behaviours that you no longer want to impact your life
2. -Get absolutely specific about the goals that will propel you towards the future you deserve
3. -Identify and start to clear the blocks that you are currently facing
4. -Share a fantastically simple technique that you can use at any time to feel
happier, calmer, more in control and back on track
5. -Agree together whether I can help and the form that help how many subsequent sessions might be needed to achieve your goals.
will take as well as

Love Louxx
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