Do you ever feel out of control? Like a marionette puppet having its stings pulled by a force that you can’t see or feel or control.

So much of how we feel, behave and what we believe is driven by patterns and beliefs embedded in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is like a gigantic library that doesn’t get updated: it holds onto all of our experiences, beliefs and memories and is designed to identify risk and above all else keep us safe. The beautiful thing is that we are kept safe but sometimes, just sometimes we are also kept small and stuck too, and we deserve and are capable of so much more.

Imagine the scenario: you’ve been asked to give a talk, you are fabulously knowledgeable and really engaging when you talk about your topic on a one-to-one basis and you’d dearly love to help more people but as soon as you get the offer your subconscious mind identifies a risk and you remember the awful presentation at school which went so horribly wrong:

“I was so nervous, I was hot and red in the face, I couldn’t speak all I could do was breath really loud and watch all of those faces waiting for me to speak. But I couldn’t and didn’t and the earth refused to swallow me up”

At the time the subconscious mind did its bit to keep you safe by saving the experience in the “that was horrible” category of events to be avoided at all cost with warning labels which say “public speaking is not safe” and what’s more “you can’t do it”.
And so we can see how our experiences directly inform our beliefs and our beliefs direct our behaviour.

When we know what our beliefs are we have the opportunity to choose beliefs that better support our goals and the experience of life that we desire and deserve.

Do you want to finally get to grips with the beliefs that are driving your off course?
Yes, beautiful, a great place to start is finishing the sentences that follow. I invite you to say the sentence out loud and write down your first answer that comes to mind; don’t think it through simply go with your gut feeling. I also invite you to step away from any judgements that you feel like making about your answers, this isn’t about beating yourself up for holding beliefs you don’t like, it’s about finding out what your beliefs are now, so that you can start to move towards the beliefs you want.

1. Life is …….
2. Love is …….
3. I am ………
4. Staying stuck means ……..
5. Freedom would mean …….
6. Success is ………..
7. Failure is …………
8. My potential is ………
9. My heart is …………
10. My purpose is ………..

How did you find it? It can be a tough but liberating exercise to do. When I first answered the questions a while ago I was really uncomfortable with my answers; I felt that life was hard, that love was for other people, that I was faulty, that staying stuck meant I was safe, that freedom would mean that I could fail. You get the picture: I wasn’t in an optimistic or abundant place; now my answers are pretty different, unless I’m in a stinker of a mood of course.

So what now, you might be feeling like you have quite a task in front of you and it might feel overwhelming – remember nothing has to happen all at once, becoming aware of and choosing alternative beliefs is all part of the big joyous journey of life (here’s a secret – no one ever gets it right all of the time).
Here are some practical tips to start bringing about your changes in belief:
· When you feel a negative feeling ask yourself what would I have to believe about myself to feel like this?
· Challenge that belief and choose a belief that you want.
·Practise that belief- a belief is simply a practised thought, so think that thought over and over and over until it becomes a beautiful belief.

So go ahead and get creating the beautiful beliefs you deserve.
And if beliefs are a biggie for you (I know they have been for me) you may want some assistance and I’d love to help – why not book your complimentary 40 minute Discovery Session by calling me on 07957416962 or emailing me @ louise@attheheartofhealth.com.

During this complimentary session we will:
1. -Establish the beliefs that you no longer want in your life
2. -Get absolutely specific about beliefs will propel you towards the future you deserve
3. -Identify and start to clear the blocks that you are currently facing
4. -Share a fantastically simple technique that you can use at any time to feel
happier, calmer, more in control and back on track
5. -Agree together whether I can help and the form that help will take as well as
how many subsequent sessions might be needed to achieve your goals.

Love Louxx