We all go through ups and downs, that is a given, my friend.And it’s usually the downs that build resilience and are periods of growth for us but that doesn’t mean that they are easy or comfortable and having a turnaround plan can be invaluable during these times.

Most of the time I find myself on an up and when there is a slight dip; gratitude, taking action and doing things that heighten my vibration get me back to a good place.

And then every now and then I find myself in the spiral of less resourceful emotions like fear, self-pity, sadness and try as I might my usual steps just don’t quite cut it and my gratitude list become an I’m grateful, but …. list and it’s at these times I know that it’s time to own my stuff and really look at what I’m experiencing.

This can feel really counter-intuitive if you’re practising positivity and the law of attraction; there can be a fear that we will attract even more of what we don’t want and what already feels pants and that by focusing on it we might make it bigger.
But what we are really doing is acknowledging our perception of reality as it is right now in that moment with the intention of moving past it and getting back on track.

In acknowledgement of our absolute right to feel as awesome as we dare I offer you My 5 turn it around tips:

1.Put the self-beating stick down. You are human and as such we experience the full array of moods and emotions: this is normal and healthy.

2.Own your stuff say “right this second I feel ……. “and I fill in the gap. It might be hurt, angry, frustrated, sad, abandoned. All emotions are welcome and accepted.

3.Without getting stuck in the story, notice what, if any, bodily sensations come with the feeling. Really tune in to your body and see what it is telling you. When we are still and present in the moment we can tune into the signals and messages we sometimes miss in hustle and bustle of everyday life.

4.Give yourself permission to really feel whatever is present. Sit quietly without distraction for a while (have an awareness that it’s sometimes at this moment that cleaning the curtains or some other chore we’ve happily avoided for a whole becomes quite an attractive option, thank the distraction and then refocus) and just allow yourself to feel, knowing that all emotions will pass, some quickly and some more slowly, and you will know when because you will usually become aware of a calmness within you and maybe a feeling of being grounded.

5. And now simply check in again and notice what’s here, and how you feel. You can test your direction of flow by giving gratitude and noticing if how that feels if you’re moving back up the dip gratitude will flow and feel honest, and if it doesn’t, simply go back to step 1 and give yourself some more time: it will come and sooner or later you’ll be heading right back up.Sometimes connecting with our emotions can take practise and patience and sometimes we need some support. If you have experienced a prolonged pattern of emotion or have experienced any kind of trauma please reach out to a proffesional who can give you the support you deserve.

May your experiences be mainly in an up direction xx
Love Louxx