It strikes me that this applies to pretty much everyone at some point in their life, so many people live at least partially in an “I’m not worthy” cell of some kind. What is it costing you?

I found myself in a situation recently that really shocked me: it turns out that myself worth has a definite cap on it. My lovely boyfriend bought me a Mac Book Pro for my birthday to help with the work I’m doing on the business. It was so lovely, but after my initial ecstatic reaction (my old lap topI love the way the thinking mind does that, in an attempt to make sense of how your feeling it dredges up everything that feels similar, so you get to have an entire “I’m not worthy” party in your mind and your body.

is actually evil), I found myself totally frozen, I couldn’t even get it out of the box to start with- my brain was screaming, “You aren’t worthy of this- it’s too much.” And just in case that wasn’t pants enough this frozen reaction kicked up every “I’m not worthy” moment I’ve ever had.

I’m not having a pop at the thinking mind: it has the beautiful intention of keeping us alive and safe, but we can hope for so much more- can’t we? I definitely want more than to be surviving, and feeling safe all of the time can be counterproductive when it comes to growth, and longer term happiness, fulfilment and peace.

It seems to me that the best course of action is to rid ourselves of all of our “I’m not worthy” baggage- the patterns, memories and beliefs, so that our well-intentioned thinking mind can’t access them, and better still replace those negatives with a positive expectation and knowing- how much more empowering would that be? What might be the impact on our health, or financial freedom, our relationships, our self-belief, our businesses, our work- the blessed opportunities that our lives could become.

So how do we remove these patterns and experiences?

Well a quick and effective way to begin would be to watch and tap along with this video, just follow this link and pop back to the blog once your done.

I hope you enjoyed my video and got to dispel some of your “I’m not worthy” myths.

If worthiness is a biggie for you, you may want some assistance and I’d love to help, why not book your complimentary discover session by calling me on 07957416962 or emailing me @ louise@attheheartofhealth.com.

During this complimentary session we will:

-Establish together the feelings and experiences that you no longer want in your life
-Get absolutely specific about what you do want to experience and the great feelings you do want to have
-Identify the blocks that you are currently facing
-Share my secret for a fantastically simple technique that you can use at any time to feel happier, calmer, in control and back on track
-Agree together whether I can help and the form thathelp will take as well as how many subsequent sessions that might be needed to achieve your goals.

and remember you are soo worthy.
Take care
Lou xx

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